These are often an invaluable tool to allow business owners to successfully implement the plan they previously created. Often when a partner or shareholder wishes to leave their business, or sell their share/portion of the company, the other owners will have an option, or it will be mandatory, to purchase that interest at Fair Market Value. Often business owners set up a framework to address this, but fail to take the necessary step to ensure that they have the financial wherewithal to execute it without hardships. When a business starts up and is worth $1,000, it is infinitely easier to find the money to buy one half of that, then it is when the business is worth $5,000,000. A Buy Sell Agreement requires the parties to the agreement to have access to funding to demonstrate they are able to meet their obligations under the Buy Sell Agreement and the Operating Agreement or Shareholder Agreement. The Law Offices of Marc J. Miles can work with you and other Professionals to ensure that not only does the agreement address the proper needs, but that each party has the financial ability necessary.