Forming the Right Type of Entity can be critical to the success of your business. Most owners and partners form a business entity for either a tax advantage, or to obtain a legal benefit, or both. In order to actually realize these benefits and advantages, the right entity has to be chosen to meet your goals. Their is no “one entity fits all” and the choice of entity is more important than a lot of people realize, and the Law Offices of Marc J. Miles can help you choose the right entity to meet your goals.

The Following Entities are the ones most commonly formed in Florida

Limited Liability Company
Corporation (both “S” and “C” corporations)
Limited Liability Partnership

Not only that, but there is a proper way to form the Entity. Just filling out a form and paying the fee on the Secretary of State’s Website ( is NOT sufficient to obtain the advantages and protection that you desire. In fact, not following certain procedures will result in not just the money spent on sunbiz and other accounts being wasted, but can result in unanticipated liabilities that could set back, or even destroy an otherwise thriving business. The Law Offices of Marc J. Miles can help ensure that you and your entity have done all the formal necessities to obtain the maximum benefits and advantages of your business.