US Tax Law Representation

If you owe the IRS, they have an ability to collect the amount due in several different ways. However there are plenty of methods of resolution that may be available. The Law Office of Marc J. Miles P.A. is able to help you find the right method to try and resolve your tax liabilities.

Stressful tax problems fix it with IRS Tax Representation IRS Problems can arise from various directions. Problems can arise from just not being able to pay your tax liability for the year. You can have a business that can’t pay payroll taxes. Taxes can be owed because a spouse hid or did not disclose income. The IRS can audit your return and say you owe more than you claimed. You could effectuate a transaction that has unintended consequences. Regardless of the causes of the issue, the Law Offices of Marc J. Miles P.A. Can assist you with all your IRS Tax Representation needs. All taxpayers have the option of several different methods to resolve the issue (other than full paying the amount due). Not paying the tax due, and not taking a proactive attempt to resolve your liabilities may be a grave mistake, as the IRS will take collection action, and the amount you owe will consistently increase, due to the addition of penalties and interest. Some of these options are Installment Agreement – Where you set up a payment plan over a series of time, which has many variables.

Offer In Compromise – Doubt as to Collectibility – An offer to settle your debt with the IRS, regardless of the tax, interest and penalty, based on your inability to pay the whole amount you owe. Offer in Compromise Doubt as to your liability.
Liability – An offer to settle your debt with the IRS because you truly don’t owe the tax due
Offer in Compromise – Effective Tax Administration- An offer to settle your debt with the IRS even thought you technically can pay the full amount due, but it would not be equitable to do so.

Uncollectible Status – When the IRS agrees to not try and collect the amount from you, even though interest and penalty accrue.

Innocent Spouse – A method by which one spouse/ex-spouse can ask the IRS not to find them responsible for an otherwise collectible joint debt due to various circumstances.
Separation of Liability – A method used in similar situations to innocent spouse, but whereby you ask that your liability be calculated Separately from your spouse/ex-spouse

In order to figure out which resolution is the best, regardless of who does the analysis, certain information is required. Once that information is obtained, then a client can make an informed decision on which way to resolve their issues. Come let the Law Offices of Marc J. Miles help you make that decision with IRS tax representation and move forward with your life.