One of the Key elements of success between members and partners in a business venture is having a written agreement that addresses not only how the business is to be operated, but what happens when situations arise that were not anticipated, or where partners disagree on how to proceed, or how to split up if one party wants to leave. If a party wants to leave, do they have to be paid the value of their interest in the company? Do they get benefits? These questions, and a lot more, can arise, and if there is not a mechanism in place to give guidance on how to address these issues, then the people involved, and often the business itself, can spend thousands and thousands of dollars only to have a Judge tell them how it will be done. Most business owners and partners want to be the one making their own decisions, and failure to properly address issues will remove that option from them. The Law Offices of Marc J. Miles can help you address your concerns in these situations.