Marc J Miles, Sarasota Business Attorney


Marc J. Miles, Business Attorney in Sarasota

The Law Offices of Marc J. Miles practices in the Area of Business Entity Formation and Related Commercial Documents. Forming a business entity can be a daunting task. LLC, “S” Corporation, LLP, all are treated differently under Florida state law and can be taxed differently under Federal law. “Which entity is appropriate” is a question that is not easy to answer, and requires a significant amount of contemplation and planning ahead.


Hiring a Business Attorney is Crucial for the Success of Your Business


Additionally, if you have one or more partners, it is important that you have laid out, in writing, how to address the myriad of issues that can arise when two or more people get together. Your Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws or Articles of Organization and Member Agreement, whichever is appropriate, will let you address these issues as YOU would like to, subject to the anti-abuse provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Law Offices of Marc J. Miles can help you through all these steps and will be there with you as your business grows to help maximize the benefits and avoid the pitfalls that are associated with business entities.